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Arrow Olivia Cabinet White with White Quilt Leaf closeout

Olivia's two position platform mechanism can handle machines up to 45 #s. She also has 2 drawers and 2 deep cubbies for storage.
Her wide table top surface allows you to sit center needle comfortably and have plenty of space both on the left and right side of your sewing machine.
Olivia also has an Optional Quilt Leaf.
Olivia comes in 3 color options:Â Tiffany Blue #1009, Pistachio Green # 1004, or Crisp White #1001.
An optional machine specific custom insert can be ordered for Olivia for many sewing machine models on our
Custom Machine Insert page
Visit our
FAQs page
for answers to typical customer questions, as well as information on our Product Warranty.
Will this cabinet fit my machine?
Click the
Cabinet Specs/Incompatible Machines Tab
for detailed cabinet dimensions, including machine opening size and a list of known Incompatible Machines.
Assembly is a snap!
The cabinet ships in 2 boxes (and a 3rd one for the optional quilt leaf) and is assembled using a hammer, a screwdriver, a wrench, and about 1 hours worth of time. Click the
Assembly Manuals/Videos Tab
to see our YouTube Assembly Video(s) and to download the Assembly Manuals.
Additional information
Olivia Variations
Tiffany Blue with No Quilt Leaf, Tiffany Blue with Blue Quilt Leaf, Pistachio Green with Green Quilt Leaf, Pistachio Green with No Quilt Leaf, White with White Quilt Leaf, White with No Quilt Leaf